Our commitments

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Every day, TDF Group undertakes to provide top quality of service to its customers. We are committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. One of our goals is to develop staff skills so they understand and adapt the needs of our customers to new markets.




Qualité de serviceTo support customers in improving the quality of their networks, TDF undertakes to guarantee a service based on responsiveness, proximity and efficiency. The Company applies its quality policy through remote management, warning and reporting systems.


TDF pays particular attention to monitoring networks and to establishing details of all incidents and restoring service to its customers. It focuses on preventive equipment and infrastructure maintenance so as to ensure close to 100% continuity of service.


In addition to TDF's acclaimed know-how, the company has set itself the objective to pay strict attention to protecting the environment and providing a high quality service matching the expectations of its customers. TDF adheres to principles of sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental aspects. ISO 9001 certified since 1996, TDF is mindful of the environmental impacts of its business.

Keeping customers informed

l'information clients TDF

While a strict preventive maintenance programme is organized throughout the Group's various facilities, equipment can still suffer from bad weather, power failures, or other one-off phenomena.


TDF has set up systems to collect TV and radio reception problems and to remedy the problems as rapidly as possible while keeping customers informed as best as possible. In France, TDF Contact manages the full range of customer relations on a 24/7 basis; issues handled range from the general to the specific including various queries and information, organizing maintenance programmes and scheduling service interruptions, processing requests for interventions, etc.


les compétences TDFFor the last few years, TDF has conducted  a policy to constantly upgrade its resources to the extremely rapid evolution of new technologies, particularly in digital and mobile. TDF builds expertise in key fields such as network and IP technologies integration, management of frequencies, engineering and deployment of digital networks, transmission and digital broadcasting standards, encoding and signals compliance techniques , remote monitoring, etc.

Code of ethics

The code of ethics describes the ethical principles that underlie TDF's operations in accordance with applicable legislation. The code is a set of rules that govern the actions of Group companies, the behaviour of all Group employees and their relations with various in-house and external parties. Above all, this code makes everyone accountable.

EH&S Charter and Policy

TDF is a corporate citizen who follows “environment and safety” practices in line with recognized management standards. The company pursues its operating and sales objectives in accordance with EH&S (environment, health and safety) regulations and values. This pledge comes from top management based on a charter and policy that are given to all employees. The charter covers TDF ethics underpinned by ten principles.
The policy is based on four risk management themes (Health & Safety, Labor Conditions, Facility Security and Environmental Conservation), and specifies the EH&S management organization and how the policy should be distributed in the company to ensure a proper EH&S culture.
These two documents lay down and communicate TDF’s pledge to comply with EH&S regulations and values.