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TDF Group is no. 1 audiovisual broadcaster in Europe. It has rolled out DTT in three countries, namely Germany, France and Estonia.



Audiovisual media today are at a crossroads with radio and television running on mature technologies and penetration rates close to 100%, which play a training and promotion role for new uses and new media.


As such, radio and TV are a vital base that we constantly upgrade: in radio for example, we have developed a new technology to feed FM transmitters via satellite, which lets local customers not use if they wish. In addition, in television, in December last year we launched the final phase of the DTT deployment, which raised the number of free-to-view channels to 25… and we are working on developing connected DTT, which means more services and more combinations of media. We focus on smartphones and tablets aiming to promote seamless transfers between linear and non-linear media, between terminals and uses.

On behalf of our customers we are developing technologies specifically designed for these new terminals and ways to view TV.


For example, we are working on a technology that lets viewers recognize the program broadcasts, and therefore to add targeted content. This serves as a valuable marketing tool to improve the viewing experience… and the experience of the broadcaster!