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The radio broadcasting industry is buoyant and TDF remains the market leader. Digital radio is back both in Germany and France since June 2014.



On June 20, 2014, radio, the only remaining non-digital media, underwent the digital switchover in its turn and began digital broadcasting in Paris, Marseilles and Nice, the first cities to receive digital radio.


Since this launch, radio listeners with a compatible DAB+ /DMB receiver can enjoy various features such as:

- Enhanced listening experience backed by digital quality sound and no interference,

- Additional stations including local stations not available in FM,

- Further services (e.g. pictures, information about the program or the artist etc. ).

TDF supports radio stations as a multiplex and technical operator.


Rmux , a TDF subsidiary, operates 6 multiplexes (2 in each of the 3 cities concerned) out of the 14 selected by the CSA.


TDF, as a major radio broadcasting player, supports and contributes to growth of digital radio in France and Europe in partnership with customers by rolling out innovative services.


 TDF is positioned as a radio technical operator engaged in broadcasting, transport and head-end. Data reception is performed in partnership with Arkena.