TDF, new fiber facility operator

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Following the tender lasting several months under a public service initiative, TDF has come away with a contract to roll out, operate and market an optical fiber network throughout Val d'Oise.
The project involves producing about 85,000 fiber outlets over the next three years in 116 communities, providing inhabitants with VHS Internet facilities in homes and business premises.
The company will invest some €100 million for this new digital facility.
Optical fiber is now the third pillar in the Group's development strategy alongside media and telecoms services.
Illustration of TDF’s new goal for its digital networks, some 40 tenders are expected over the coming three years.
Olivier Huart, Group CEO, said "We're just taking TDF's first steps in optical fiber, and our success in Val d'Oise shows that we are a serious and competitive alternative choice. The Val d'Oise Syndicate decision gives us a boost to become the no. 1 open and impartial firm that local authorities can rely on. In every region of France, TDF has served local authorities over many years, providing world-class digital services. We shall continue to fulfill this task while adding expertise in optical fiber networks."