RUHD Competition

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RUHD’s new name is…
TERAWAY Network!
TDF has developed, operates and continually expands a unique transmission network in France, which transmits voice, data and video at ultra high speed ranging from 10 to 100 GB per second, and soon 200 GB per second.  
This network that used to be called Réseau Ultra Haut Débit (ultra high speed network – “RUHD”) is made up of 5,000 km of optical fiber, 1,950 access points and 32 fiber points of presence.
Given that the market did not easily understand the acronym RUHD, TDF wanted to give it a trade name that would:
- Highlight that it was cutting edge, high-performance and scalable
- Reflect its strengths (i.e. very low latency, a network covering all of France bringing digital to the regions etc.)
So TDF launched a competition that involved both its employees and its social media followers to vote on potential names. TDF employees suggested nearly 500 names and 3,000 social media votes were received.
Lastly, a legal search of names was carried out prior to officially filing the selected name.
Consequently, the RUHD is now renamed TERAWAY.
I would like to thank you all for taking part and getting involved!